My journey to founding Pure Baby and Child began when my first child was born with allergies. I had never had an allergy nor had anyone in my family. My daughter was born with eczema, asthma and constant drainage. We were given inhalers for her asthma and steroid creams for her eczema. One doctor even recommended that I pour one cup of Clorox into her bath to prevent her open eczema wounds from developing Staph (did not try that one). When she was 4, she looked into the mirror and asked why she was so ugly right there - pointing to under her eyes… her “allergy shiners”. We just lived with all of this feeling frustrated.

Things got serious in 2008 when we went to our Halloween block party (BOO- GOYNE 🙌🏼) and she ate a bunch of candy and baked goods. She ran in the house and could barely breathe. We raced to the local ER clinic. She recovered after the doctors gave her an inhaled steroid, but it was scary. That experience led to conversations about allergies and alternative medicine ….and Dr. Manso.  


Everything changed when met with Dr. Manso at the Whole Health Center. Instead of treating the symptoms, he immediately identified the root of her problems. He simply said her body cannot handle histamine and that the foods that cause histamine and inflammation in the body are gluten, dairy, meat, and shellfish. He also said that sugar “handcuffs” the immune system. After removing those things from her diet, her eczema, allergy shiners and drainage all vanished. Her asthma was much better and seemed to only come on with high level exercise - big improvements! It was a miracle and I became a believer in the natural route (natural medicine was 100% new to me at 33 years old). I am still very grateful for an inhaler when necessary but addressing her problems and not using Clorox or steroid creams felt right and worked! Now she is 16, eating a pretty much gluten and dairy free diet, playing tennis, and living without allergy shiners and eczema. I am very grateful to Dr. Manso - he was a big part of this whole journey. My daughter’s allergies have been the best gift to me and my family. I am so grateful for this knowledge and the lifestyle that came with it. 

Along the way, someone recommended that I read The Unhealthy Truth (highly recommend) and I learned more. I learned about the high amounts of toxins in our products and food and the behind the scenes of Big Pharma- yuck! Once my eyes were open to all of this, I wanted to get the word out. I wanted my friends and family to know about our toxic products, what we were putting in our bodies, and that we were sleeping on toxic flame retardants. I read an article by Dr. Mercola, where I learned about his SIDS study in New Zealand. I also learned that once flame retardants were added into crib mattresses (they were added to all mattresses b/c in the 1940’s b/c people were smoking in bed and houses were catching on fire- not happening now), SIDS skyrocketed. Learn more about that here. In short, I learned the horrible effects that chemicals can have on all of us and that every baby and every person is different. Some can handle chemicals and some can’t. BETTER TO PLAY IT SAFE. 

In 2008, Pure Baby and Child was born - together, a friend of mine and I wanted to make it easy for new moms to provide a safe and chemical-free beginning for their babies. All of my friends and family’s babies were sleeping on conventional mattresses from Babies “R” Us and and other higher end baby shops and they were full of chemicals. We were motivated to get organic crib mattresses and information about non-toxic living to our community. Along the way, we connected with like-minded and encouraging people like the owners of Global Healing Center and the founders of Branch Basics (who love and use our mattresses). Organic living was a new thing in Texas at the time (at least in my circles). I told my friends about cleanses through Global Healing Center and we started them together. I hosted house parties to get the word about non toxic household cleaning with Branch Basics. Those introductions encouraged and inspired me and I am very grateful for all of it.

Here we are…. 14 years and three kids later with lots of crib mattresses sent all over the country. My youngest is now 9 and I have more time to spread the word about my mattresses. After years of not having time to advertise, I have teamed up with Gracie Thomas, who not only has her own branding company, but also has experienced the effects of toxins and chemicals herself. Gracie struggles with Lyme Disease and Sjogrens and lives the non-toxic lifestyle through and through. She’s seen the effects that toxins have on us first hand and shares my passion in spreading awareness of a cleaner lifestyle. I look forward to sharing some healthy lifestyle ideas that I like and are useful to me. I hope you like them too. 

Our mattresses are GOTS certified and handmade with love in England. We do not use coils that attract EMFs (electromagnetic frequency) and our mattresses are naturally hypoallergenic. I am so happy to have the finest little organic mattress company in the USA and if you are a customer, sleep easy knowing you have found the ultimate for your baby.

Here's Callie, healthy as can be!