Who We Are

We offer 100% natural GOTS certified crib mattresses and bedding. Each mattress is made by hand with love in Devon using the finest raw materials, from sustainable sources ensuring the least environmental impact.

We've done the research for you, and you can ensure that our mattresses and bedding are the best of the best.

Our mattresses are made in a purpose-built factory on the banks of the River Exe in Devon, generating its own green electricity to run the facility and keep the carbon footprint as low as possible. The factory premises and processes are monitored by the Soil Association.

Our Products

Our unique handmade mattresses and bedding are made from organic and sustainably sourced raw materials, all of which are biodegradable and comply with Fair Trade policies. Even our packaging is eco friendly, made from potato starch and a mixture of recyclable and renewable paper sources from the Forestry Stewardship Council.

Our factory exclusively uses Soil Association certified West Country organic lambswool, which has a natural anti-dust mite and anti-moth treatment. We use certified organic coir, and have developed certified organic latex foam. Our products contain only the highest quality natural fibers, such as cashmere, mohair, horsetail hair, silk and bamboo. All of our covers are made with a wool/cotton blend which is naturally non FR and are treated with a revolutionary natural anti-allergy and anti-bed bug treatment.

GOTS Certified Organic

All of our products are GOTS certified, which is the highest textile standard in the world.

GOTS is a textile certification that limits the use of toxic bleaches, dyes and other chemical inputs during the production process. It is internationally recognized as the toughest organic textile standard because it goes far beyond verifying the organic farming process to include every step of manufacturing. This is the best of the best! 

To obtain the GOTS “organic” label, a product must:

 1. Contain at least 95% organic fiber
 2. Not be treated with bleach, formaldehyde or any other toxic substances
 3. Be colored with nontoxic dyes
 4. Be produced in a mill that enforces strict social and environmental standards, treating their employees and the earth with deep respect.

Our Mattresses

In the West Country of England there's lots of wool! Our factory is the only mattress producer that sources all of our organic lambswool direct from the farm. We support local organic farmers who are based within 50 miles of the factory in Topsham, Devon, ensuring local materials go into a local product.

Organic Lambswool

Our factory also manages the processing of the wool themselves and they are very picky about the wool used. To achieve the comfort we want, we blend a mixture of softer Downland Wool with some more robust Exmoor. Wool is a natural fire retardant so all our tuftings are chemical free.

Coir (coconut fibre) is one of the prime ingredients in our mattresses.  Our factory only uses certified organic coir and we get it from the only certified organic coconut plantation and Fair Trade initiative farm in the world.  Our coir is made to the precise sizes and density that we need and then is shipped directly to us in Devon.

Organic Coir

Coir ensures unbeatable airflow, superior spring and excellent support to promote healthy, natural sleep.

All of our mattresses are covered with a hardwearing herringbone, woven from a blend of pure unbleached and undyed 100% cotton and lambswool. This unique combination passes all hotel standards without the addition of any chemical Fire Retardants. 

Cotton/wool covers

Our factory is the only manufacturer to add an extra finishing process to the fabric, where we treat it with natural extracts of lemon, eucalyptus, lavender and geraniol to guarantee protection from dust-mites, mosquitoes, moths and bed bugs, making them perfect for allergy sufferers as well as keeping the mattress healthy.